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BROUGHT USED BY: "Alara's Trophy Party!!!🎈✨🏆🎊🎉🎇🎆"

Date: 5/3/2020

Today was a illustruios day for my beloved 🦜Parrot because he was turning 10 and it was his

🥳BIRTHDAY! I planned many games for his party, each on will make him fly out of this world🌍. And i was making a cucumber Cake,🎂 it had all of his favourite fruits, Coliflower, grape🍇cherry🍒, pomegranate and instead of sprinkles its cooked rice! He will be extremely mind blown when he opens his presents🎁🦜and his eyes will twinkle like stars. When he woke up I gave him his tea☕ and cookies🍪 like any other day, but that's just the starting...In the lounge, ballons fell from above and presents were stacked on th table and the AC was on and it was extremily cold, he loves it! I moved Pickachu there so my Parrot could have someone to talk to, It was 5:30 in the evening and I moved my parrots cage without a squeak and afterwards...REALEASE THE PARROT! He dashed everywhere and then came on the ground and poped his first ballon and inside was a...sunflower seed! After that I helped him cut his cucumber cake, he blasted with joy, and he opened his presents, mine had a toy ball which till now he loves playing soccer with, my father gave him a year supply of peanuts, my sister gave him biryani which is his favourite and my mom gave the best, the glourious, his own small fan! We partied till night 🌙 and when my parrot went to sleep in his cage, he was tweeting the sweetest sound in history, I think he was dreaming he was in FOOD LAND🍪🍒🍇☕😋🦜. What do you think???

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