Jul 28, 2020

How I Got My African Grey from the start


When I was 4 years old my mother👩🏻 told me how we found our African Grey and I would be glamored to tell you!🤩

It was really a long time ago, so long I wasn't even born by then!😮

A thunderstorm dropped from the sky, the doors🚪 opened and closed by the force of the wind, after a while there was a sad 😢sound coming from the front door, my mother opened it, it was coming from the right hand corner where there stood a pot, my mother glanced at the pot and PLOP! My African Grey's little head plopped out, he was a little fellow back then, the poor thing was shivering and wet, he couldn't take a last glance of my mother, he was super scared!😨 My mother knew she couldn't stand there forever so, she got him inside the house carefully not hurting the soaked creature in the pot, she dried him with a small cloth and gave him a few Sunflower 🌻seeds to eat, my mom got confused when she saw a ring on the parrot's left leg "Mabye it flew away from it's owners." She thought....

The next day my father got a cage for him, it was like a HUGE gate according to my African Grey and ever since I loved my Parrot.👧🏻🦜

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    Aug 11, 2020 12:12 PM

    Anhad Gautam


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